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Create a customized conference experience by choosing one or more of these focus questions as your learning emphasis. You’ll find sessions related to each question as well as chats and other opportunities to learn and network.

  • What do teachers and students do differently in “deeper learning” classrooms?
  • How do we forge meaningful relationships with students and their families?
  • What steps can we take in our classrooms or school to support students’ social and emotional health?
  • How can we fuse the 5Cs with explicit skill and content instruction?
  • What professional learning and social-emotional support do educators need in order to thrive and give their best to students?

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The Conference is now at capacity and we have closed registrations.

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Our Keynote Speakers

Allison Zmuda

PRECONFERENCE: What Personalizing Learning Is, Why It Matters, and How to Grow It in Your School (NOTE: Pre-Conference now at capacity and registration is closed)

Personalized learning is not an initiative that requires new tools, but rather a shift in learning mindset that requires redefining teacher and student roles. The very heart of personalized learning is personal — building relationships with your learners to better understand challenges they face, aspirations they imagine, prior experience they have as you develop learning designs with them that are challenging, meaningful, and worthy of the pursuit.

This pre-conference session will meet participants where they are as they grow their personalizing learning practice through exploration and practical examples from the five key elements of the VASCD pedagogy project:

  • Planning for deeper learning
  • Implementing quality instruction
  • Redefining teacher and student roles
  • Feedback and assessment
  • Culture and relationships

Learn more about Allison Zmuda here

Ravi Hutheesing

Cultural Competence, The Pathway to Equity in Education

The world is changing, and we are challenged with doing more than ever to prepare students for an unpredictable future. Artificial Intelligence and globalization are altering the landscape and the future of work is shifting and potentially shrinking. Our individual identities will no longer be defined by what we know and do, but rather, by who we are socially, emotionally, and culturally. Consider how public education can cultivate life-long learners from all walks of life while creating leaders who will put us on a path to equity, equality and ultimately world peace.

Learn more about Ravi Hutheesing here

Tyrone Howard

Culturally Relevant Teaching: .Promising Practices, Programs and Principles

Culture plays an important role in the teaching and learning process for all students, and can maximize rather than dilute the teaching of content-based standards. Incorporating cultural referents into instructional practice positively impacts equity and makes the learning experience more relevant for students. Dr. Howard is one of the most influential scholars in the nation informing educational practice and policy, particularly in the areas of culture and race as they intersect with teaching and learning.

Learn more about Tyrone Howard here

Steve Constantino

Engage Every Family: Relationships That Matter to Learning

Building academic socialization in families reaps huge learning dividends for all students, especially those that need them the most. This session will describe the process and practice of building necessary relationships that support better learning outcomes for all. With storytelling, humor and a knack for telling it like it is, Dr. Constantino will leave you both smiling and thinking, but most importantly, motivated to put into place practices that…Engage Every Family!

Learn more about Steve Constantino here

Linda Cliatt-Wayman

Lead Fearlessly, Love Hard

How do you help children living in poverty achieve more than they ever thought possible? In this keynote, turnaround principal Linda Cliatt-Wayman will share how to focus your passion, apply your skills, and lead your students down the path to a better future. Learn the key strategies she uses to shift a culture focused on adults to a culture focused on students. With steadfast leadership and clear principles, educators can make an impact and help kids overcome almost any challenge.

Learn more about Linda Cliatt-Wayman here