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We provide a series of webinars featuring both Virginia and national experts on a variety of topics. Members may attend these webinars live or receive the recorded version at no cost. UPCOMING WEBINARS:

Two-part series with Krista Barton Arnold- Leadership Moves that Help Disrupt Poverty. Session 1 (March 10 at noon): Find out how school culture, mental maps, environment, code-switching, and social-emotional learning can help you offset the negative impact poverty can have on academic performance. Session 2 (March 25 at noon): What leadership instructional moves can you implement to disrupt the negative impact poverty can have on your students. Topics will include small group instruction, phoneme work, vocabulary, read aloud, STEM, Maker’s Space, learning walks and much more! Krista Barton Arnold is the Principal at Parkway Elementary in Virginia Beach and a recognized expert on disrupting poverty. To register after March 5, please email vascded@gmail.com.

Kim Richardson- Rethinking Teacher Leadership, (April 21 at noon). Learn the WHY, HOW, and WHAT of teacher leadership. Gain understanding of the purpose, definition, and work of teacher leaders; the competencies, knowledge, skills, and dispositions of effective teacher leaders; and the factors necessary for teacher leadership to flourish. Leave with ideas for enhancing your practice and your professional learning designs for teacher leaders. Kim Richardson is the Teacher Development Coordinator for Hampton City Schools. She coordinates and delivers professional learning for teachers, school and district administrators, specialists, mentors, and instructional coaches in the areas of leadership, instruction, supervision, and coaching. Register.

Additional member webinar titles will be posted and sent to members by email.

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