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JANUARY BOOK STUDY! As a follow-up to annual conference we are hosting an online book study featuring Hacking School Culture by Angela Stockman and Ellen Feig Gray. Join at this link.

We also provide a series of webinars featuring both Virginia and national experts on a variety of topics. Members may attend these webinars live or receive the recorded version at no cost. UPCOMING WEBINARS:

Accelerating Student Learning with a Shared Instructional Model, Bryan Goodwin, Feb. 4
Bryan Goodwin is the President and CEO of McREL and an ASCD author. In this webinar, he will share the power of instructional models to boost student learning by providing teachers with a shared professional vocabulary for teaching and learning. Using tools and examples from the new book, Instructional Models: How to Choose One and How to Use One, you’ll learn how teachers and school teams can review, select, and apply an instructional model as a springboard for professional collaboration, reflection, and creativity. Register

What Matters Most: A Focus for Mentoring, Coaching, and Supporting Teachers, Scott Habeeb, Feb 11
The most important job school leaders have is selecting the right people to teach our children. The second most important job school leaders have is properly supporting the professional growth and development of those teachers. Join us for a look at what matters most and how your school/division can build a more effective support system. Register

Two-part series with Starr Sackstein— Building an Expert Culture: Peer Feedback in the Classroom (Feb 17) and Teach Students to Self-Assess for Better Learning (Mar 2). Both sessions at noon. Starr Sackstein is a National Board Certified Teacher and author who consults on formative assessment for The Core Collaborative. Her webinars will focus on building self-assessment, reflection, and peer feedback into instruction in order to one students’ analytical skills and help them become more independent in their learning. Register

Additional member webinar titles will be posted and sent to members by email.

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