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The VASCD module-based courses are intended for introduction and acquisition, as a bite-sized and on-demand option for professional learning. VASCD’s module-based courses are not intended for passive participation and recall accountability and instead provide an opportunity to engage with the content for introduction and acquisition and to connect the learner’s experiences to their learning. Accountability for performance is more closely tied to reflection than recall. Each course is intended to both serve as stand-alone learning and connected learning to its affiliated domains. This means that learners can engage in any combination of module-based courses.

Each course takes about an hour to complete.

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  • Build Classroom Community: Cultivate a learning environment where a strong sense of community contributes to deeper learning
  • Create and Communicate Clear Learning Targets: Create and use learning targets in planning, instruction, and assessment
  • Facilitate Respectful Student to Student Conversations: Develop and support students’ ability to engage with each other in respectful conversation, both speaking and listening, in a variety of settings
  • Using Routines and Procedures to Strengthen Learning: Establish classroom routines and procedures that create the conditions for deeper learning

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For Group purchases, please contact Kay Carbaugh at vascd.kaycarbaugh@gmail.com.