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The VASCD Awards are a BIG DEAL!! It is a chance to recognize and celebrate the amazing people who make our schools amazing!

Our awards:

  • Impact Award: VASCD’s Impact Award is presented to multiple Virginia educators each year to recognize their positive impact on colleagues and/or students. Impact award recipients may serve in any capacity in education, as long as there is evidence that their work exemplifies great teaching and a significant positive influence on others.
  • Leadership Award: VASCD’s Leadership Award is presented to one Virginia educator annually for outstanding leadership in curriculum, instruction, and/or assessment. Nominees are those leaders whose understanding of and dedication to best instructional practice is reflected both in the nominee’s own work and in the work of those (s)he leads.
  • Team Award: VASCD’s Team Award is presented to a group of 3 or more Virginia educators who work collaboratively to achieve specific goals that have a significant positive impact on student and/or educator learning. These teams may be teachers, building administrators, central office staff, or some combination of these categories. These teams influence, impact, and inspire others to implement innovative practices that improve learning.


Recognize an educator (or team) today by nominating them for a 2024 VASCD Award. Nominations must be submitted by December 15.

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