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VASCD’s Grants and Awards recognize Virginia educators who inspire and positively impact others, exemplify learning-centered leadership, and pave the way for innovation.

Leadership Award (due December 20, 2019)

The highly regarded VASCD Leadership Award is presented to one Virginia educator for outstanding leadership in curriculum, instruction and/or assessment. Nominees are those leaders whose understanding of and dedication to best instructional practice are reflected both in the nominee’s own work and in the work of those (s)he leads. One Leadership Award is presented each year. Award Guidelines and Online application.

VASCD Impact Awards (due December 20, 2019)

Impact Awards are presented to educators who consistently challenge themselves and others to learn, grow and achieve at the highest possible levels. They may be teachers, building-level leaders, or central office staff. Whether they work in classrooms each day or support those who do, their work exemplifies great teaching. They serve as catalysts, engaging students and/or colleagues in collaborative work. They are learners whose work reflects best-practice research and evidence. They influence, impact, and inspire others. Up to eight Impact Awards are presented each year. Award guidelines and Online application.

Innovation Grant Award (due January 10, 2020)

VASCD’s Innovation Grant is designed to reinforce the ideas detailed in the VASCD Profile of the Classroom and to help bring ideas presented at our conference into practice in the classrooms and schools of the Commonwealth. While grant funds may be used for instructional materials or equipment, there is an expectation that the project will have an action research question as its focus. Applicants need to be clear about what they expect to learn about practice and how they intend to share that learning. As a condition of accepting grant funds, applicants will be expected to share their learning from their grant project with VASCD; a number of options are available for this sharing. Online application.