VASCD actively promotes public policy that reflects best educational practice and addresses the needs of modern learners. If you would like to be a member of our public policy team, there are opportunities for you! Contact Laurie McCullough at

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VASCD’s Policy Priorities

VASCD promotes decisions and policies that reflect “autonomy with integrity”, our belief in the abilities of educators to make sound decisions regarding teaching and learning. Read about autonomy with integrity- what it is and why it matters- here.

VASCD’s Policy Priorities guide our advocacy work with policymakers at the Virginia Board of Education, in the General Assembly. we also work to ensure they are reflected in our work with other associations and groups, such as the Virginia Public Education Coalition.

For 2020, our policy Priorities are:

(1) Outstanding Teachers for Virginia’s Students;

(2) Personalized Learning Opportunities for Educators; and

(3) Modernizing Virginia’s Assessment System.

Read our positions on these priority areas here.